Metro: Last Light black screen problem solved


I recently bought Metro: Last Light in Steam.

It launched fine but after see the intro and selecting audio and start the game for the very first time, only sound worked, no video at all. Re-launching the game did not help, rebooting the machine didn’t work either. Finally, reinstalling the game didn’t worked as I was afraid, too.

After that first time, I couldn’t even see the main menu or intro… Only the first frame and then a complete blackout.

As suggested somewhere else, I’d installed latest nvidia drivers (331.20), and tested with gnome kde, xfce and blackbox. Nothing at all…. annoying.

I realized, but, that when I pressed Alt+Tab, I could see the image on the KDE’s thumbnail, so the video was there somewhat… so investigating deeper, I finally found the solution.

If you have the same issue, you must edit the user.cfg file, in your steam installed files for that game, usually on:

~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Metro Last Light/1100001073fc3fe/

But if you have another destination for your local files or a non-steam edition, make a search for this file where all the game files are.

Once you have this file opened, search for r_gamma parameter. Mine was at 1.5, so I lowered it to

r_gamma 0.5

As easy as that.