/tmpfs full?


Today a annoying issue had happened to me. When I was installing shadowgrounds on a 32bit system, in the middle of the installation a message said “out of space”… It was impossible, because I have only one partition with more than 400GB. But looking carefully with
df -h
I saw that efectively, on /tmpfs there were no space at all.
By definition, /tmpfs it’s half of your amount of RAM, and in a 32bit system it would be more or less 1,7GB.

You can do several options, the first one would be modify /etc/fstab and modify /tmpfs partition by adding size=Xbytes to the options column and reboot. Then you’ll have that amount since then on /tmpfs.
You can always use a hard disk partition and mount /tmpfs on it via /etc/fstab, it’s like the solution I gave you before, but slower. In addition, you can assign a great amount dedicated to /tmpfs if you often do wathever tmp-intensive.
But if you want -like me- only increase on the fly the size of /tmpfs and lose the changes on the reboot, then simply run as root

mount -o remount,size=10G,noatime /tmp

And you will have a nice 10GB /tmpfs partition until your next boot


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